A Spectator’s Role for China’s Muslims

February 20, 2006

Religion is often hidden in China, so the unabashed public display of Islam here in the city known as Little Mecca is particularly striking. Men have beards and wear white caps. Women wear head scarves. Minarets poke up from large mosques. A bookstore sells Korans and religious study guides in Arabic. [read the entire article]


2 Responses to “A Spectator’s Role for China’s Muslims”

  1. talkislam Says:

    i know, there are many muslims in china. The largest Muslim ethnic group in China is the Hui. Most muslims are found northwestern Xinjiang autonomous region of china.

  2. dawood Says:

    I wouldn’t say “most” necessarily… there are also plenty of Muslims in such areas as the NingXia Hui Autonomous region in north/central China (the population is around 33% Hui), as well as other areas such as Henan (near the Buddhist Shaolin temple incidentally), Shanxi and other provinces, even as far south as Yunnan and Fujian!

    Yunnan has a huge Muslim population and many groups are Muslim there, not just the Hui ethnic group, also the Dong and other minority groups.

    Most major cities, especially Beijing have Hui as well, and many of the older guys wear the cap.

    China is interesting, especially for me as they are Hanafi/maturidi (generally) and have some pretty cool martial arts styles – which I want to learn someday. 😀

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