A poorly written hate article or a reality check of Muslim da’wah?

March 17, 2006

Here are some excerpts from a Messianic Judaism hate article:

A couple of years ago, I was involved in an e-mail debate with a young Muslim from the UK. At first, we tried to be civil toward each other, but this soon deteriorated when he realized he couldn’t convert me to Islam. In frustration he finally wrote: “I’m trying to show you that one day the whole world will be Muslim, whether they want to, or not. People who do not convert will be killed….Carmen, neither you nor your pro-Jesus website are thwarting Satan; he’s happy he’s got you fooled and spending your energies on myths while he works to ravage the world through the people that truly count, such as Antichrist Bush, Saddam, and especially Antichrist Sharon.”

I believe that God is using the radical Muslims to bring about His end-time scenario as outlined in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. This scenario has already started, as is evidenced by the beheading of American, Nicholas Berg, in Iraq. These sadistic Muslim swines callously cut off his head and yelled, “Allah akhbar!” (God is great!) after doing their heinous deed. I don’t know whether or not Berg was a believer, but it doesn’t matter to the Muslims one way or another, as they consider all Westerners – whether Jew, Gentile, Christian, or atheist – to be heathens who need to be exterminated.

If I am a non-muslim, can I honestly deny the above claims or honestly say that he is lying? Nope, he’s telling the truth. I know Muslims myself that do not have a problem with any of the above. If our own moronic brothers are up to this stupidity, doesn’t this take the lustre off of any type of da’wah that we spend so much time on? I think we honestly need to seperate ourselves from wackos that live in places that support this kind of mentality because if we don’t, we risk becoming labelled and thrown in to the same pot as people who propogate ignorance and hate under the guise of Islam. The majority cannot be silent and North American Muslims have to seperate themselves not doctrinaly but ideology wise from such extremists. My non-muslim friends should be so well aware of this dynamic that if they see Daniel Pearle’s head being chopped off, they can succintly say ‘who are these so-called muslims that are bastardizing the dignified religion that we know.’

The religion is easy and whosoever will deal with religion harshly, it will defeat him. So be straight, follow the middle course, give good news and seek help by moving in the morning or the evening or part of the night .” (Al-Bukhari 38)

One Response to “A poorly written hate article or a reality check of Muslim da’wah?”

  1. dawood Says:

    See, this to me is what “dawah” should really be about: creating a 2 or 3 tiered approach to education about the Islam practised within the country; especially in schools (as part of religious education classes, and other specialist units).

    1) Islam for non-Muslims
    2) Islam for young Muslim kids to reach the basic level (ie. Mukhallaf)
    3) More specialist studies for those wanting to study deeper.

    The problem, at least here in Australia, is that there is no centralized body, specifically dealing with education matters. We are split through ethnic and sectarian lines, and the Salafiyya are gradually taking over, promoting their educational materials as “universal”.

    My Shaykh sends his 2 eldest boys to a private Islamic school here, and his eldest (who is doing hafiz training under his dad) came back one day and was mentioning that he was learning that people who don’t pray, or commit a major sin become kafir.

    This kind of nonsense has to be stopped, and I fully agree with your idea on separating ideologically and doctrinally from “back home”. Only when we are self-sufficient in our own country can we begin to strengthen our foundation and distance ourself, legitimately, from extremism and other distasteful elements.

    What a rant. 😛

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