Germans tolerant of Islam, ask for reciprocation

March 17, 2006

A new survey probing German attitudes towards Islam has thrown up surprising results — many Germans are tolerant towards the religion, but wish Muslims living in the country would reciprocate the feeling. A survey commissioned by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Germany to study how people here perceive Islam is set to shake the foundations of the widespread view that western societies are uncomfortable with the religion. Called “What do the Germans Think about Islam?” the study, which involved 1,000 western Germans and just as many eastern Germans, found that almost two-thirds of those questioned believed Muslims living in Germany should be allowed to practice their religion without any restrictions. [read the entire article]

6 Responses to “Germans tolerant of Islam, ask for reciprocation”

  1. dawood Says:

    This is actually quite interesting. I would be interested to see what other European countries think about Islam, especially the likes of France, the UK, Netherlands and Denmark.

    Seems Germany has changed since they were nasty to the Turks back in the day. Maybe not though.

  2. molvi Says:

    Well in my opinion, if you are nice to anyone, they will love you. I challenge anyone to hate a muslim after that same very muslim gives you a helping hand when you need it. The problem is that we are too lazy and arogant to even do that.

  3. dawood Says:

    Spot on… For “Harmony Day” here in Australia, the Australian-Lebanese Melkite Catholic Church organized and staged a huge event at their premises here, and invited heaps of people from all walks of life to attend.

    My wife was an MC there introducing everyone and such, but I could only see something like 10 “visible” Muslims out of maybe 400 people. Some were dignitaries there (such as the Head of Islamic/Arabic Studies at Sydney Uni), a handful were performers and there were one or 2 hijabi ladies.

    I felt it would have been much better if there was a conscious “Muslim” presence, either with some type of stall or something; especially after the riots at the beach here last year.

    But it seems no one could be bothered to do anything. It’s a sad day when my wife and I are respresenting Islam in Sydney for these people! šŸ˜›

  4. molvi Says:

    You’re right. Props to you two.

    I think that muslims have to organize ‘fun’ activities. Because whats better dawah than happy muslims, with folk dancish beats, free food and drinks and baklawa!

  5. dawood Says:

    This is one of the key problems, in my view… Muslims have some incredibly rich cultures and a great cultural heritage. Yet unless we can change this stereotype that the whole Muslim world is oppressed and stagnant, people will continue to blame every problem in their country on Muslim migrants/citizens, instead of looking at the real issues.

    A friend visited Indonesia recently and remarked that it was interesting to see some Indo Muslims performing what was traditionally a Hindu dance for a festival!

    I feel we have to work hard to get rid of this stereotype that Islam/Muslims are only from the Middle East and get some “authentic” culture stuff happening, especially us folks who grew up in the ‘West’ – we have mainstream culture as well as other cool things to offer society.

    [/end rant]

  6. dawood Says:

    You are too up on all this stuff compared to me bro. Word up.

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