German Muslims ignoring government help?

March 20, 2006

In Germany billions of Euros have been poured into work and education programs for immigrants — without much success. The daughters of the 4 million Turks are often prevented from taking advantage of the free higher education that the German state still lavishes on its citizens. Even if the parents grew up in Germany, they still speak Turkish at home. Their children often have difficulties in school as many do not know sufficient German to follow the lessons. More than one-third leave school without even the lowest certificate. With a 10 per cent unemployment rate in Germany you do not need a lot of imagination to foresee the dangers. Even in sheltered and peaceful Austria 53 per cent in a recent survey declared that they expected a clash between the Christian world and Islam. [read the entire article]

9 Responses to “German Muslims ignoring government help?”

  1. dawood Says:

    The paper I am working on now as a research assistant shows this type of data to some extent, but the 2nd generation folks here seem to be in a slightly better position than your post implies for Germany. At least the target group for the study anyway.

    Most had at least a High School Certificate (HSC) and a minority went on to Tertiary level education. Many had labour type jobs or trades.

    This is quite a worrying trend though. How to solve the problem and give the chance to have a better future for the Turkish-German community (and by analogy all those who face similar troubles)?

    I wonder if Germany’s specific history regarding Turks has anything to do with it, or if it is a general malaise affecting many different groups.

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