Art of Fatwa 2: Photography & Terrorism

April 29, 2006

I was wasting time this morning and happened to bump into some excellent fatwas at by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam. I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by their depth and comprehensiveness.

Photographs: Please clarify the position of Islam

There are two positions of contemporary scholars on the issue. There are great scholars of knowledge, wisdom and piety on both sides of the fence; hence, it would be wrong to criticize anyone for following any one of these positions. It is a matter of genuine and valid difference of opinion. It is not an issue where one may condemn another, and one must respect others’ right to follow their conscience.

Islamic stance on the bombings of 7/7

The recent tragic events in London and elsewhere have unfortunately prompted many non-Muslims to associate Islam with violence and terrorism. Muslims worldwide are experiencing a very difficult stage of their existence, and facing many trials and tribulations. We are being accused of terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism. The idea that Islam is a violent religion is becoming more and more widespread to the point that even some ignorant Muslims are being affected with this propaganda.

3 Responses to “Art of Fatwa 2: Photography & Terrorism”

  1. dawood Says:

    Great fatawa. I enjoyed reading them and the exposition of the main points that the Mufti gave.

  2. Bigger Molvi Than You Says:

    Are you my brother the criterion for truthful and good fatawa and bad ones? Is that not some kind of “intellectual arrogance” over our scholars?

  3. molvi Says:

    That’s exactly what it is actually, you hit the nail right on the head. I dont pretend to be pious and I hope i’m not confused as being such.

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