Africa turns its eyes to Islam

June 11, 2006

SOMALIA | The fall of Mogadishu to Islamic militants has many worried. But experts say it’s wrong to assume that Islamic rule is the worst option for blood-spattered African nations.

In the blood-splattered Somali capital, Mogadishu, militias loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts last week seized power from a United Nations-backed transitional government. In Northern Sudan, Islamic militancy has changed the character of the country, imposing sharia law and pushing religion into the political arena as never before.


6 Responses to “Africa turns its eyes to Islam”

  1. Sunnilink Says:

    Ahsan and I are wondering how old you are …

  2. Sunnilink Says:

    We are tired of chatting on MSN. Lets chat on your blog.

  3. Al’Hamdullah, the people of Africa can now witness that Islam will be the tool to fight the corrupt warlords.

  4. molvi Says:

    So far, the somalian government hasnt blown anyone out of the water.

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