Why we shouldn’t try to be a bunch of McGyvers.

July 24, 2006

One thing that occured to me recently is that if traditional conservative muslims really want to propogate their way of life as mainstream and accessible, they really have to start creating social institutions that embrace those values and provide convenience and a sense of normality to said values. That means more islamic fashion houses that incorporate the notion of ‘modest’ clothing sincerely into their designs, more media elaborating on the nuances of being a traditional conservative muslim living in the ‘west’ etc etc. Anyway you look at it, traditional conservative muslims have to be proud of their lifestyle, proud of being different, proud of sticking out like sore thumbs and most of all, be completely and utterly content with being who they are without raining on other people’s parade. It’s been my continous rant for a while now: create a culture so you dont have to reinvent the wheel by yourself everytime you have a kid! People are hamsters who run in the ferris wheels of culture. So instead of trying to ineffeciently break out, mould the ferris wheel to your wishes. It’s just easier and less of a heartache that way.


12 Responses to “Why we shouldn’t try to be a bunch of McGyvers.”

  1. Qudsiyya Says:

    interesting rant.

  2. aliG Says:

    great. hows it going goldi ji.

  3. Sunnilink Says:

    “create a culture” … I think most cultures somehow just happen. If we can keep reminding ourselves to adhere to the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wassalam) and hopefully insha’allah a culture shall evolve in due time which complies with the shariah and is unique to North American muslims.

  4. Hammad Says:

    Goldi, I liked your interview on CTS. I have posted it on my blog 🙂

  5. Mallo Says:

    Hey i kinda agree with what you’re saying, but i think culture (esp south asian culture) needs to be completely remodified…in fact i’d go as far as saying abandon culture and stick to religious guidelines, you’ll be far less confused and far more happier.

  6. So Maniac Muslim t-Shirts is the way to go?

  7. Like sunnilink, I think cultures form on their own. You ‘propogate’ an idea and then somehow, unconsciously you attract a group of people following your ideas and values. Thats culture.

    But speaking from an Islamic point of view, culture has minimal importance. Religion transcends culture and boundries.

    Your choice of word ‘traditional conservative Muslim’ reeks of contempt. I might be wrong. But in my view there’s no such label as ‘conservative’ or traditional. These words are utterly subjective and can’t be examined without a background. Subjectivity breeds prejudice and confusion. Whereas Islam is objective and absolute. What do you say?

  8. molvi Says:

    We should agree to disagree. I think that if I have to justify my post, we are on very different wavelengths and the bridging of said gap is a process i’d rather not get into.

    thanks for commenting though, very much appreciated. please, continue disagreeing. it keeps everyone fresh and lively.

  9. by the way, is there any way to contact you, as in through email?

  10. Hammad Din Says:

    Oh why your blog dead now.

    Please post something. The ummah awaits! 😛

  11. the_maulana Says:

    Amen. And another amen to Hammad Din.

  12. Saeed Bak Says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    Brother Hammad, please post a direct link for that interview – or mail it to me insha’Allah. –> saeed@ahlussunna.org

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