Shaking Women’s Hands: Shaykh Al-Qaradawi Answers

September 20, 2006

However, if we investigate the sahih (sound) Hadiths that are narrated from the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), we will conclude that the mere touching of hands between a man and a woman without desire or fear of temptation is not prohibited. Rather, it was done by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), whose actions are originally a source of legislation. Almighty Allah says: “Verily in the Messenger of Allah ye have a good example …” (Al-Ahzab: 21). It is narrated on the authority of Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said, “Any of the female slaves of Madinah could take hold of the hand of Allah’s Messenger and take him wherever she wished.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari)

Read the complete fatwa here


29 Responses to “Shaking Women’s Hands: Shaykh Al-Qaradawi Answers”

  1. Big Mulla Says:

    What you smokin’, bro?

  2. […] A few years late for me, but Qardawi has come along and said that shaking hands is ok under all circumstances. […]

  3. While we’re shaking their hands, lets hug them too.

  4. omar2006 Says:

    Q: The hadith of Anas in al-Bukhari, that the slave-women of Madina would take the Prophet (saws) by the hand to ask whatever need they had. Can the meaning of this be that even the lowest and least educated level of society had complete free access to him (SAWS) and that there was not one iota of haughtiness in him, hence al-Bukhari placed this report in the chapter on kibr in the book of adab in his Sahih. Could this act as prooftext for the leeway of at the very least a passive handshake for the da‘i in the West if not more?

    2] How have our Imams understood these Ahadith? Please expllain with detail, and which Imams did this?

  5. molvi Says:

    thanks omar for that. im gonna read it after class.

    for all other readers, be aware that there is much more to the fatwa than what i quoted. infact, the strongest proof he has (not quoted) is against the nail in the head hadith whereby he says that if there’s danger of fitnah you still cant shake hands but if there isnt any sexual attachment to it, its not impermissible.

  6. Interesting…

    your wife would’nt like that fatwa bro…

  7. haseeb Says:

    I dont understand why so many Muslims are so upset by differences of opinion.

    People need to think outside of the box. Allah (swt) is the judge, not you our your particular shaykh.

  8. abuMuhammad Says:

    as salaamu alaikum

    Brother Mudasser,

    I had linked to Shaykh Faraz relating what other scholars have said regarding this issue only to let your readers see there are other opinions. I did not do it to because I am “upset with difference of opinion”. I appreciate the service you provide as well as what I have seen on and Sidi Salman’s site. May Allah reward you all with Good.

    Brother Haseeb,

    Are you aware of any fatawa regarding The Mets causing mass hysteria in NY if they pull it off this year? 🙂

  9. molvi Says:

    well to be honest, people in traditional circles tend to ignore the shaykh as if he’s a non entity, which is interesting. and this by no means is a recommendation, i posted the fatwa because it intrigued me. i still dont agree with it as it goes against the mashhur of my madhab and im still undecided if this fatwa really qualifies as a legitimate difference of opinion.

  10. haseeb Says:

    u mean WHEN we pull it off this year*

    Inshallah!!! 😀

  11. haseeb Says:

    u can delete that last comment 😦

  12. aliG Says:

    I be shaking womens hands left and right. Kissin em and stuff too.

  13. Malik Says:

    The most elqouant resposne on the issue, I’ve ever read. When you read it fully, you really see how Shaykh Al-Qaradawi is no ordinary Mufti.

    Specially the last two paragraphs.

    May Allah bless him.

  14. I havent heard of this mufti before, so I wont say much, just it sounds odd, I’ll stick to the general ruling, …I dont like the idea of non mahrams shaking my hand 😐

  15. Saeed Bak Says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    I thought sh. al-Qaradawi was Ikhwani or la-madhhabi? Not that the post would be irrelevant if he is, but could someone remind me again what his “thing” is?

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  22. news Says:

    You ought to really moderate the commentary at this site

  23. themalaysia2222 Says:

    there’s big difference between slave and not slave.

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