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May 2, 2006

Once Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas [RA] said to me (Zafar Ahmad Thanvi): “Maulana! Ulama are not coming to this work. What should I do? O Allah! What should I do?” I replied: “All of them will come; you make du’aa.” He said: “I cannot even beg du’aa. You make du’aa by yourself.” The he recited these couplets of Qasida Burdah:

I beg of God forgiveness
for my words which carry no deeds.
What’s my advice
but attribution of offspring to a barren dame!

I left the habit of Him [Rasulullah (SAW)]
who kept awake in pitch-black nights
praying while standing on his feet.
Till the pain of weariness
reflected itself in their swelling.

After this, Hazrat Maulana’s eyes became filled with tears, and he said: “In our circle, Qasida Burdah is included in the syllabus of ulama, but not for its literary attributes; it is brought in rather to soften the hearts and for promoting love of the Holy Prophet [SAW]”